At Delmar Arts Academy we utilize the High Scope curriculum. 

High Scope is an instructional curriculum based on over 40 years of peer-reviewed research, which was designed to help early learners prepare for success in elementary school and beyond. The fundamental premise is that children are active learners, and as such, they learn best from activities they plan and carry out themselves.

You may wonder “How can young children plan and carry out their own school activities?”

We start with a trained teacher who understands how children mentally construct the world and how these mental constructs change the course of children’s development. Delmar’s director, Adriana Jones, is not only a trained teacher, but is a certified High Scope trainer, and has taught High Scope to rising instructors at the college level.

The trained teacher then builds on the thoughts and actions of the child. Children must have daily opportunities to decide what they want to do…..then the teacher uses that as the starting point for lessons. The interest(s) children identify is intentionally integrated into all aspects of the classroom experience – the physical space, lessons, activities, and conversations. Through High Scope, children discover their agency as they guide the direction of learning. Rather than receive information, they are guided by their natural curiosity, which teachers consciously honor. This formula fosters an early enjoyment around discovery and teaches students how to personalize their learning throughout their educational careers.

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