Delmar Arts Academy hosts a yearly, arts-based Summer Camp which offers a variety of activities including painting, sculpting, music, dance and yoga.  Children also enjoy plenty of outdoor time on our large playground.

Summer camp runs yearly from June 4 through August 5 . Weekly themes are incorporated into all camp and art activities. Past years’ themes have included a sports week, water week, superhero week, under the sea week, and more. We have weekly rates throughout the summer, and there is a price break for attending multiple weeks.  Many children attend for the whole summer and their families enjoy yet another discount for booking the entire season. Hours are 8:30 am – 12:30 pm or 3:00 pm for kids ages 2-4, and  9:00 am – 3:30 pm for ages 5 and up, with aftercare available until 5:30 pm. Our program is as flexible as your schedule, and our summer camp families come back to Delmar year after year!

Summer camp activities include:

  • various visual art classes for one half day including painting, drawing, sculpting, collage and mixed media taught by artista Francesca Wagner.
  • music classes taught by Dr. Jessica Clemente. 
  • Dance and musical theatre classes, where children compose and perform weekly skits for friends and family taught by Brian Blattman.
  • Kundalini Yoga classes for kids taught by Carolina Figares, who brings peace and respect to all of her classes.  Namaste!

Our summer camp weeks are themed, coordinating the art classes with the music and musical theater/dance classes.  This year’s camp will be more focused on the performing classes and preparing students for their performances.

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