Note from the Directors

Welcome To Delmar Arts Academy

For more than 30 years, I have been committed to my career as an early childhood educator. This commitment has granted me what I feel is a profound knowledge of the child’s inner workings. By fostering a balance between their cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual bodies, we here at Delmar seek not only to ensure the happiest and healthiest start to our young students’ academic careers but also to their life paths as human beings.

We know that when parents and educators team up, children prosper. By forging an alliance with our children’s parents and families, we obtain an optimal, synergistic outcome for our little ones.

In 2008, when we first opened our doors, we knew that the arts would provide an ideal context for our unique brand of early education. Thanks also to the implementation of the High-Scope curriculum, we have established a track record of children who go on to be high achievers in both public and private grade schools.

Our afterschool program has quickly become one of East Ft. Lauderdale’s favorites. Our afterschool program brings a fun and electric energy to Delmar, and their parents are always sharing how happy they are with our afternoon Spanish, yoga, dance, music, and art classes.

Our growing elementary school, which currently includes K-3rd grade, is a jewel of a program in which children ages four to seven enjoy extraordinarily small class sizes, the cutting edge High-Scope curriculum, and primary education that exceeds state and national standards.

My name is Ande Arnett and I am the Assistant Director and a founding partner at Delmar Arts Academy. A decade ago, as my own son and daughter stepped out of childhood and into adolescence. I felt there was more I could teach young children, and so much more I could learn from them. I believe that teaching children are the most important job in the world, as the knowledge and morals we impart on them will stay with them through their entire lives. This is why today, I am very proud to be part of something so special here at Delmar.

The success of our preschool and elementary programs are due to our four cornerstones:

  • An Arts-Based Approach Through the arts, we help children use and develop their creativity, solve problems, and gain a crucial outlet for self-expression.
  • Spanish Immersion Our English+Spanish dual-language program uses the most advanced standards for 2nd language immersion and provides a fertile, linguistic groundwork for both native and non-native speakers.
  • Conscious Discipline This methodology provides an emotional framework through which the child is taught that they have power and autonomy over their feelings, and emotion-fueled moments are dealt with using empathy and understanding.
  • The High-Scope Curriculum The most important of our 4 cornerstones, this cutting-edge, research-based, and internationally recognized curriculum encourages the teacher to discover each child’s interests through thoughtful observation, and to formulate lesson plans based on these interests, further reinforcing the child’s autonomy and self-realization.

Upon enrolling, you will find that our team of truly gifted and committed professionals works alongside families to lay the necessary groundwork for students to excel as happy and healthy individuals. From day one, your child will begin to flourish before your eyes and you will know you have made the right decision.